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Free Canadian shipping on orders over $99

Our Mission

At The Green Beauty Collective, our mission is for you to feel connected to yourself and your environment through natural beauty. 

Our unique educational and retail hybrid goes beyond "what you should look like" and supports you in how you ultimately want to feel.

Encouraging beauty as free as you.

Our Values

Our values are deeply seeded in our actions and how we approach our business every single day. We make all of our decisions, form relationships and build trust through the following core values:

Complete Honesty & Transparency about the products we love.

Supporting our Community. 

Balance that fits an individuals lifestyle or needs.

Total Compassion for humans, animals and mama earth.

There's always time for a little Adventure.

About Us

Hi! We are Amanda and Jacqueline; the owners and heart behind The Green Beauty Collective.

We first met 4 years ago while working a natural beauty event at Finlandia Pharmacy in Vancouver, BC. At the time we had both recently switched our personal and professional kits to natural, cruelty-free and vegan products. For both of us, we had finally found our match in the industry - another makeup artist we could relate to. 

Fast forward to 2019 and we are now not only incredible friends and adventure buddies, but we also get to share our love for natural beauty and education. Building this brand has taught us a lot about using each of our strengths and understanding our weaknesses to learn and constantly move forward. 

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Work with us

Are ready to discover all you need to know about natural beauty products, learn how to apply your own makeup or consult with a professional about a proper skincare routine?

The Green Beauty Collective offers services from lesson and consultations to professional hair and makeup services. 

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