Blush Guide

Blush Guide

This is a quick guide to blush based on skin tones. Below, you can also find descriptions of all of our blush colors. 

A General Rule of Thumb for Blush:

Deep Skin Tones: Deep Wine or Vivid Red like Luv the Cheeks from Sappho

Dark Skin Tones: Terracotta, Brick, Deep Orange like Andrea's Blush from Sappho

Medium Skin Tones: Rose Pink's like Emma's Blush from Sappho

Light Skin Tines: Cool Pink like Tutz Blush from Sappho

Fair Skin Tones: Warm Peach like Titian from Elate


Blush Colours:

Elate Powder Blush:

FEVER:  Fever is a medium coral with pink undertones. Perfect for medium to deep skin tones. 

DESIRE: is a perfectly balanced light pink for creating a natural and soft blush.

INGENEUE: is a hot pink with a touch of wine for creating naturally blushed cheeks.

TITIAN: is a warm tangerine coral, perfectly bold on all skin types. 


Elate Universal Cremes:

KEEN : is a medium plum

BLISS: is a medium warm coral pink, perfect for creating rosy cheeks and lips.

LOVE: is bright neutral pink, your perfect match for creating naturally flushed cheeks and lips.

ELATION: is a deep and cool plum pink, for creating bold and beautiful cheeks and lips.


Sappho Powder Blush:

TUTZ: Pink blush with a slight blue undertone - perfect for light skin tones.

ANDREA'S:  A blush for warmer skin tones or as a bronzer for lighter skin tones. 

BRONZE GODDESS: A warm bronzer with subtle shimmer

EMMA'S: A medium warm peachy pink suited to light to medium skin tones. Our best seller.

LUV THE CHEEKS: a rich, deep wine that suits darker skin tones. 

NATALIE: An eye-catching peachy blush, to add light to the cheekbone and apple, works for the eye too. Named after Natalie Cosco, MUA

by Jacqueline Parker
Sappho New Paradigm Makeup

Sappho New Paradigm Makeup

Founded by Emmy nominated makeup artist JoAnn Fowler, and developed with experts in the field of green chemistry, Sappho New Paradigm offers formulations created with the finest of certified organic ingredients and infused with phytonutrients. Tested by professional makeup artists and impeccably suited to all skin types, our new line up will thrill and amaze.

Fiercely independent, Sappho New Paradigm values transparency of ingredients and the ethical treatment of all humans and animals. We celebrate all creativity.

by Jacqueline Parker
Free Agent Beauty x The GBC

Free Agent Beauty x The GBC

My name is Marion Groot and I am a professionally trained hairstylist, makeup artist, and photographer - having worked in various roles in the beauty industry for sixteen years. I started out as a professional hairstylist behind the chair - owning my own salons - and later worked exclusively in freelance bridal and editorial work. I ventured into photography and brand development, and I now focus on helping beauty brands build their online visual presence. I also recently launched Free Agent Beauty - an online retail platform dedicated to promoting real transparency in the beauty industry.
GBC: You have caused some disruption in the beauty industry through your platform @storyofmar. Why do you think transparency is so necessary for consumers?

M: We live in the age of information, but with that comes greater access to information that is biased, unsubstantiated and untrue. The beauty industry has always operated on a foundation of illusion, but in recent years, it’s become politicized through ingredient awareness and conscious consumption. The rules of marketing haven’t really changed though, and consumers are still kept out of most conversations. I think it’s time we let them in. Fully.



GBC: What is the message that you are trying to send to everyone involved in the beauty industry, from businesses to consumers?

M: That beauty is grey and conflict exists. We do not have all the answers, but there is a finality associated with the stories most brands are telling. This forces consumers to agree wholeheartedly or feel alienated. The truth is, most of our customers feel personally conflicted about beauty. We need to acknowledge the conflict in order to discover real solutions to our challenges. This is the only way we can be truly innovative.



The GBC: What are 2 issues in the beauty industry right now that you would like to tackle through Free Agent Beauty.

Representation in marketing is one of our biggest priorities. There are ongoing issues of shade range availability and brands are constantly presenting the excuse that darker shades don’t sell. However, when you don’t include people of color in your marketing whatsoever, how can you expect them to feel even remotely connected to or curious about your brand and its products?

We’re also focusing on industry behavior, and how personal bias in marketing on the part of certain brands can compound to produce a belief system that is wholly based on the physiological response, and inaccurate information. The language we use to normalize certain behavior is incredibly important. As an example, associating the terms “toxins” and “dangerous chemicals” with products of a lower price point, which directly aligns the term “clean” with people of certain economic status. This is the practice of oppression.




The GBC: Our skin constantly ebbs and flows. Why is it important for beauty brands, makeup artists and models to show images of their normal skin such as under eye bags, grey hair, discolorations, and pimples.

M: There are certain rules associated with beautiful photography that are ingrained into beauty professionals early on in our careers, but these rules haven’t been adequately challenged. We’re visually exhausted as an industry. Consumers are now basing their self-worth on a skin type that doesn’t actually exist. Brands are busy preaching transparency but still lying in their imagery. I really want our customers to feel empowered - by being able to acknowledge the difference between marketing and art. Not all brands know how to walk this line, but it's important because it contributes to and affects our social outlook.

by Jacqueline Parker
Conventional vs. Botanical Retinol

Conventional vs. Botanical Retinol

What is Retinol?

Retinol is a popular ingredient that has many proven benefits for those who wish to boost collagen, reduce the signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. It can also help with clogged or congested pores, acne, and discoloration.

Although it is a very widely known and ingredient in skin care, the world of retinol can be a little confusing so our goal is to simplify and provide you with a better understanding of how it works, and the benefits that it can have for the skin, specifically in a botanical form.

Retinol is one very common family of Retinoids, which is an umbrella term that is used to describe any ingredient that is a derivative of Vitamin A, meaning that it is chemically similar to Vitamin A. There are many different forms of Retinoids, some are naturally occurring, some are synthetic (usually prescription forms).

Conventional VS Botanical Retinol

Conventional Retinoids

Conventional retinoids can be very effective but are not always easily tolerated in higher concentrations, such as prescription form. In some forms, retinoids can become unstable when exposed to UV rays which can cause the product to degrade. For this reason, it is often advised that you take extra precautions and use sunscreen regularly as it can make your skin more vulnerable to sun exposure.

Another drawback of conventional Retinol is that it has the potential to cause redness, sensitivity and dry, flaky skin until you become acclimated and develop receptors that allow your skin to utilize it effectively. This period of time often passes within a few weeks but can vary for each person depending on a person's vitamin A receptors, and based on how sensitive the skin type is.

Luckily, those of us who enjoy organic plant-based skin care can also reap the many benefits of Retinol without experiencing the potential drawbacks.


Botanical Retinol - Moth Bean Extract

One very effective form of botanical retinol is called Moth Bean Extract. This extract derived from the ​Vigna Aconitifolia​ (Moth Bean) seed, is a type of legume that grows in India and Pakistan. Although the Moth Bean Seed is not actually a vitamin A derivative, it performs in a very similar way within the skin and provides many of the same benefits as non-botanical Vitamin A derivatives.  

Moth bean extract penetrates into the skin works to encourage healthy cell renewal. The moth bean extract is also fantastic at slowing down signs of aging like fine lines and loss of skin elasticity because of its natural ability to boost collagen production. 

This extract also contains phenolic compounds like caffeic acid, cinnamic acid, ferulic acid and kaempferol which all protect your skin against free radicals and UV damage.

The added benefit to using botanical retinol is that is a very active and effective ingredient, but at the same time can be tolerated much better by those with sensitive skin. It also has very high stability during sun exposure, unlike some conventional types of retinoids, which means it can be safely worn during the day

Benefits of Moth Bean Seed

Stimulates skin cell renewal​

Stimulates collagen synthesis​

Decreases the appearance of lines and wrinkles​

Antioxidant activity to prevent free radical and UV damage​

 A gentle exfoliator that reduces pore clogging and prevents the development of acne blemishes​

Highly stable and more tolerated than other forms of retinol​

Graydon Full Moon Serum

The Graydon Full Moon serum contains an organic form of retinol derived from the moth bean plant. It is shown to be much more gentle than regular retinol, while still remaining just as effective.

If you are struggling with acne or congested skin, Fullmoon Serum is a great option for you. This is a water-based serum without oils or waxes, which works to prevent clogged pores and breakouts

Full Moon Serum also helps to improve and protect your skin’s natural beauty while combating the many comprehensive signs of aging. Moth Bean Extract can be very effective in strengthening your skin's dermis (lower layer of skin) and decreasing wrinkles due to the increase in healthy collagen production.

This serum is ideal for all skin types and has a feather-light consistency to help protect your delicate facial skin from everyday pollutants while also soothing inflammation.



Other Super Star Ingredients and Benefits:

COLLAGEN:  protein-rich extract from African Mahogany to help minimize pores and provide a firm texture

HYALURONIC ACID: from Indian Senna to help improve the appearance of dry skin by boosting hydration

OLIGOPEPTIDES: enriched with amino acids to replenish & restore the look of your skin’s natural health

ANTI-POLLUTION:  moringa extract to battle signs of stressed skin exposed to environmental pollution

RETINOL: from seeds of the moth bean plant to help correct the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

VITAMIN C: rich moringa leaf to brighten the appearance of your skin’s complexion

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY:  blue tansy to help soothe skin and minimize the appearance of redness

How to use:

Because of the stability of the botanical extracts, this serum can be safely applied both day and night.

Apply 4 to 6 drops of Fullmoon Serum onto your palms after cleansing and toning the skin. Gently sweep the serum onto your face, neck and décolleté with special attention around your eye and brow area.

Can be applied directly to the face, or blended with your favorite Graydon Moisturizer. Although this serum contains botanicals that remain stable in sunlight, we always recommend applying daily sun protection with a min SPF of 30.


Thanks for reading,


by Leah Boyes
Empowered Beauty with Rising Woman

Empowered Beauty with Rising Woman

Q: There are women all over the world tattooing your logo onto their bodies. What are some feelings that woman might feel when she looks down at that tattoo every day?
H: I’m not alone. Feelings of separateness keep us from feeling safe and connected in the world. It’s important for humanity to see that there are more similarities between us than differences, there are ties that can bring each person, regardless of background, together. We hope anyone who chooses to adorn themselves with our tattoo feels they are making a stand for consciousness, love and the support of the global community.
S: The symbol was created with our lovely dear friend Steph over at @Ink.Dust, and it’s a symbol of the moon (feminine) and the sun (masculine) merging to create the alchemy of divine union with spirit, or “whole and completeness”. This is not about gender, this is about energy and duality within each of us. The symbol represents “integration”, which is the underlying essence of Rising Woman’s teachings. When people look at that symbol on their body, I hope it will remind them that they are perfect and whole, just as they are. That their darkness is a gift just as much as their light, and that they don’t have to change themselves in order to be lovable.
Q: Do you have any advice for women who feel that their worth lies in their physical appearance?
H: While we don’t recommend that anyone rejects the body, we also want to gently remind people that their worth is not in their body. The body is merely a tool for connection, for learning, for experiencing being human. Whatever body we are born with we can learn from, but the body is not who you are. Who you are is eternal, enduring, and infinite. Embrace the body you have now, recognize that beauty is subjective and fluid, and the most attractive trait anyone can embody is self-acceptance and self-love.
S: One of my favorite philosophers in my 20’s was Ken Wilbur, and he had this simple mantra: “I am not my body”. Beauty standards in the media are always changing. One minute big lips are in, the next minute thin lips are in. None of that matters in the end. What matters is your heart. What matters is who you are, and the love you have in your life. What matters is how you show up and make a difference, and let people who love you get close. There is nothing more beautiful than a person who is confidently themselves, who doesn’t bow to external pressure. Your body is a beautiful creation of the divine, a temporary vehicle designed to carry you through this life. Life is not about how you look, but the experiences you allow in. So while taking care of your appearance and adornment are an important aspect of playing in the feminine, it’s important to do these things from a place of self-love, rather than energy of trying to change yourself. You’re perfect as you are.
How has being a teacher and guide through Rising Woman put you back into the seat of being a student? What does your community teach you?
H: Every aspect of life draws me into being a student, there is never a teacher separated from a student, all are the same. Our follows are mirrors of who we’ve been, and we who are now. We watch, listen, and learn from their experiences. At times, people can be reactive to our content, this is when we are challenged to hold a space of compassion and not take another’s reaction personally. Other times, people project that is it us who have “changed their life”, when really it was them who did the work! We are just an inspiration to remember that the real teacher is within. 
S: Any good mentor, teacher or guide will always direct their student to the teacher within. I am honored to be in a position to share wisdom and offer guidance, and while many may call me their “Teacher”, I am always humbled and inspired by the people who take our programs and choose this Work. It’s easy to believe we are separate or different until we surround ourselves by the community. What I’ve learned through my work with Rising Woman is that we are far more the same than we are different. What we fear makes us broken, is actually what allows us to grow. And the very aspects of ourselves we’re afraid to show others, are what give the people around us to drop into their own vulnerability.
Q: What are your individual go to beauty rituals?
H: The basics are eating well, hydrating, exercise and sleeping - as long as the foundation is in place then the rest is additional! I love using my infrared sauna in combination with red light therapy to help with detoxification and skin health. I regularly exfoliate (Viva Health Amaze Gel), and use hyaluronic acid, buffet serum, and sunscreen. I keep my makeup bag as ‘clean’ as possible and typically enjoy a quick and easy daily routine. A touch of foundation, bronzer, cream blush, and mascara for a sun-kissed glowing look.
S: For me, self-care has always been a high priority. Drinking ozonated water daily, celery juice, getting a lot of fresh air, and allowing my body to rest when it calls all help me feel good in my skin. For beauty products, I use a combination of oil cleaners, Viva Amaze-Gel for exfoliation, and almond oil on my whole body as a moisturizer. I like to put oil on my skin before a shower to lock in the moisture because my skin is dry and sensitive. I wash my hair just twice a week to keep the oils in :) I feel better and more natural without much makeup, so I usually just put on some brown mascara and brow makeup when I’m getting ready for the day.
by Amanda Gangoso
Perspective's of Beauty with Kristine Cofsky

Perspective's of Beauty with Kristine Cofsky

Q. What’s most rewarding about working one on one with a woman for a Perspective Feminine photo session?
A. The trust that they put in me to tell their story.  Getting your photo taken can so often be such a vulnerable experience, and I am always amazed and deeply honored when someone walks through the door and says “I trust you”.
Q. What’s is it about the environment that you’ve created that makes women feel comfortable opening up to the camera?

A. I think I am able to create a comfortable environment because I am very aware of how it feels to be on the other side of the camera.  I know how disheartening and downright awful an uncomfortable environment can be. It already takes so much bravery to just show up and have a camera pointed at you, so I try to honor that by creating a warm, safe, and open environment for everyone that walks through my door.  It’s my number one priority.
Q. If there was one thing you would tell every single woman before they sit in front of a camera, what would it be?
A. Be so kind to yourself..  We are always our own worst enemy.
Q. What’s the message or the story you’re trying to tell through Perspective Feminine?
A. This project actually didn’t start with a specific end goal or message I was trying to convey… it was something that evolved for me as a creative outlet, a place for me to gather the little leftover moments that didn’t really have a home. As the collection grew, though, it started to take its own shape and tell its own story. The story just happened naturally and will continue to shift and change perspective as the collection grows I think.  xo
Perspective's of Beauty with Kristine Cofsky

Kristine Cofsky is a self-taught portrait photographer from Vancouver, British Columbia, with a tendency towards mischievous moment catching, and a deep love for the way the world looks through a lens.  



by Jacqueline Parker
Eye Shapes

Eye Shapes

This visual blog was created to help you determine the shape of your eye. You can watch our technique video below.

1. Mono-lid - Do you have a crease on your eyelid? If not, you have a mono-lid. When using the cat liner technique, use a very thin line as close to the lash line as possible with a small flick on the outer corner that follows the angle of your bottom lash line, upwards.


2. Hooded lid - Can you see a visible crease on your eyelid? If not, you have a   hooded lid.  When using the cat liner technique, use a very thin line as close to the lash line as possible with a small flick on the outer corner that follows the angle of your bottom lash line, upwards.


3. Round Eyes - If you can see the whites of your eyes all surrounding your iris, you have round eyes. When using the cat liner technique, use a very thin line as close to the lash line as possible tapering to a thicker line on the outer corner that follows the angle of your bottom lash line, upwards.


4. Almond Eyes - If you are looking straight ahead and the top and bottom of your iris is hidden by you top and lower lid - you have almond eyes. When using the cat liner technique, follow the lash lined follow the angle of the bottom of your lash line upwards.


5. Downturned Eyes - if you imagine a straight line through the center of your eyes, do the outer corners end up below your imaginary line? If yes, you have downturned eyes.  When using the cat liner technique, use a very thin line as close to the lash line as possible. Before you get to the outer corner start drawing your cat angle upwards. If you go right to the end of your lash line your liner will continue to carry your eye in a downward motion. 



6. Upturned Eyes - If you image a straight line through the center of your eyes and the out corners end up above your imaginary line, you have upturned eyes. Luckily you will have an easy time creating a cat liner wing with this share of eye. We find an angle that is more straight out than angled up is better to balance out the eye shape.





by Amanda Gangoso
How to prep your skin for natural foundation

How to prep your skin for natural foundation

Do you prep your skin for your foundation?
We can't stress enough how important it is to prep your skin before makeup application. This step is important for a few reasons:
1. Allows for your makeup to sit better on your skin
2. Promotes healthier looking skin so you can wear less makeup
Click the links below to learn more about two of our favourite Foundation Primers
Face Glow creates a lovely shimmer when applied to your skin.
Though absolutely lovely as a moisturizer, it is particularly wonderful when used as a makeup primer and illuminator (alone, under or over foundation). 
With our floral hydrate complex, it plumps and firms the skin while smoothing and hydrating. Prep creates the perfect canvas for your foundation or powder, adding staying powder and a silky finish. It Can also be used as an overnight hydration treatment.
watch the video below to learn more about how we always prep our client's skin using natural and cruelty-free makeup and skincare products. 

by Jacqueline Parker
pro's and con's of DIY bridal makeup

pro's and con's of DIY bridal makeup

So you are thinking about doing your own makeup for your wedding day? If so, this blog is for you. 

We come across brides all the time who are on the fence about hiring a makeup artist for their wedding day, or doing their makeup themselves. First of all, we want to provide you with a quick PRO's and CON's list of each option. 

PRO's of DIY makeup:

  • Saving money
  • Less vendors & moving parts to your wedding planning
  • You can create a style you are comfortable with

CON's of DIY makeup:

  • Your collection of makeup may be small and you may have to invest in new products.
  • You may not know how to apply makeup for "on camera" or have long wearing products. 
  • You may be nervous or shaking the morning of your wedding.
  • You may worry you could screw up your makeup look and not know how to fix it. 
  • Adding an extra task on a busy day will not allow for you to relax and enjoy your morning. 

We suggest hiring a makeup artist if:

  • You want to try a more complex look than you are used to
  • You want to soak up all of the morning of your wedding day and relax
  • You are unsure what look you want to create
  • Your not sure how to use makeup brushes
  • You are hiring a professional photographer and have a specific look you want to achieve from the photos. 
  • You have a small collection of makeup

If you feel you want to do your wedding makeup on your own, here are our 5 tips for creating a DIY bridal look

If you would like to learn tips on how to create a DIY Natural Bronze Goddess look for your wedding WATCH OUR VIDEO

1. Skin care is crucial! We always suggest getting a facial a few weeks before your wedding, however if you want to help prep your skin at home then months or weeks leading up to the wedding we highly recommend exfoliation with the Viva Amaze Gel or Wyld Konjac Sponge

Our favourite Facials in Vancouver are with Kristin and Leah at Facial Expressions. If you book your facial and mention The Green Beauty Collective you will receive a complimentary Hyaluronic Infusion 


2. Test out your look. We highly recommend searching a look via Pinterest and practicing it a couple times with different products you have in your makeup kit to ensure you like it. 

If you are unsure of what look you would like to create, book in for a 1 hour makeup lesson, or virtual makeup lesson at The Green Beauty Collective and we can help you design your makeup look. Your lesson includes $100 worth or product, so you can walk away with products to use to prep your skin, or on the day of your wedding. 


3. Scrub your lips: Mix some coconut oil and coarse sugar in a small container and scrub your lips every night for a week before the wedding to make sure your lips are smooth. 

Make sure to add lip balm to your daily routine. We personally love the Wild Hill Botanicals Almond & Vanilla BalmThese also makes for a great bridesmaid gift. 


4. Use long wearing products: We always recommend a waterproof mascara for any bride on her wedding day. If you want long wearing natural products we recommend the Gabriel Mascara, Zuzu Luxe Liquid Liner and Spela Lip Stains


5. Most importantly make sure to drink water, eat good food & relax! There is not better beauty tip than eating nutritious food, drink more water than you think and get enough relaxation in. DIY wedding, or big budget wedding, its a lot of work. Take some time for yourself. Some of our favourite ways to relax are getting out in nature, making sure your space SMELLS relaxing and sitting in a salt bath


P.S.. these are our favourite wedding vendors 

Photographers: Sarah England & Folk Fotos 

Wedding Planning Services: Chiantelle Nicole

Photo Booths: Dang Good Booths

Facials: Facial Expressions

Dresses: Truvelle & Frocks


Cover photo by: Sarah England Photography

by Jacqueline Parker
Does natural sunscreen work?

Does natural sunscreen work?

First of is why should you wear sunscreen in the first place.

Protecting oneself from the sun’s harmful rays is something many regret not doing once they enter their 40’s and begin seeing their sunbathing years manifesting into age/dark spots sagging skin and wrinkles.  

Sun damage is something we have control over. Wearing hats, protective clothing and sunscreen can indeed help our skin look healthier and younger.

We encourage a healthy 15 minutes in the sun without protection for a good dose of Vitamin D (or Vitamin D supplements), however, any longer in the sun can result in damaged skin cells, breakdown of collagen and elastin. UV damage has also been known to cause skin cancer.

Please consult a doctor or health professional if you have questions about unprotected sun exposure or proper Vitamin D doses.


Mineral "Natural" Sunblock: 

What ingredients block the sun? Mineral sunscreens contain zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide.

How does it block the sun? Zinc and/or titanium dioxide act as a physical block. They sit on the surface of the skin and deflect harmful rays from the skins surface. 

How effective is it? Minerals protect from UVA & UVB rays, begin working instantly and last longer in direct sunlight. Mineral sunscreens are also the preferred type for sensitive skin and for those who are prone to redness. 

Is it safe for the skin? Minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are safe for the skin as they do not enter the blood stream. Zinc oxide & Titanium dioxide may cause allergenic effects if airborne and inhaled. 

Pros: Safer for the skin and blood stream. Less frequent re application.

Cons: Can be white, thick and difficult to rub in, may be more expensive. 


Chemical Sunblock: 

What ingredients block the sun? Chemical sunscreens contain carbon based compounds such as oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate and avobenzone.

How does it block the sun? Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing rays and converting them to heat, then relating the heat from the skin. 

How effective is it? Chemical sunscreens are effective and actually require a less precise application over mineral sunscreen. However, chemical sunscreens may not protect the skin as long, and must be applied often. 

Is it safe for the skin? Chemical sunscreens tend to be irritating and drying. The chemical Oxybenzone is not safe for the body. Oxybenzone may cause photoallergic reaction, disrupt hormone system and effect the reproductive system.

Click here for more in detail information 

Pros: Easier to rub in. No white cast, can get away with a less precise application. 

Cons: Chemicals not safe for our system, More frequent application, not ideal for the health of our environment. 


What to use?

You can find Mineral & Chemical sunscreen blocks at The Green Beauty Collective:

CyberDERM Simply Zinc SPF 30: slightly heavier in texture. For the purist. Zinc Oxide 

CyberDERM Everyday Sun Whip SPF 25 (with encapsulated octinoxate): slightly lighter in texture and more easily absorbable  Zinc Oxide and Octinoxate

*Octinoxate: This chemical is rated a 6 on EWG database, however CyberDERM's technology to encapsulated the octinoxate prevents skin permeation. This makes it a large particle that sits on the surface of the skin (but does not come into actual contact) while remaining in protective silica bead. Octinoxate will not enter the blood stream. 

by Jacqueline Parker