3 Ways To Make Your Makeup Look Better

1. Use skin care products that prep your skin for makeup.

I know, its makeup - so why are we talking about skincare? Well...skincare is step 1 in your makeup ritual. If your skin is prepped and hydrated your makeup is going to sit much nicer and look MUCH better.
My 2 recommendations for pre-makeup skin prep are:
1. Viva Amaze Gel - Once a week exfoliating gel to remove any surface dead skin. This will allow your foundation to sit on fresh renewed skin 
2. Elate Prep Primer: This product is a skincare and makeup hybrid product. It has aloe, hyaluronic acid, and rosemary hydrosol to hydrate the skin, but leaves a perfect canvas for foundation - not greasy or slippery so your makeup stays in place. 

2. Use brushes!

I've said this many times, and ill say it again! Using brushes is going to improve your makeup application! Makeup brushes will allow you to blend your makeup better and create a streak-free look. I will also stress, the proper brushes will make your makeup look EVEN BETTER than the cheapo sponge applicators that come in your makeup set. 
I wrote a blog about my 3 favorite makeup brushes. You can read that blog here

3. Build your makeup

Something that I have learned over the years is the art of building your makeup. Think about it like a painting. You don't just splash all of the paint onto the canvas and then blend away, you add color slowly and in small subtle strokes. 
I used to think it was best to add all of the colors of eyeshadow onto my eye then blend them out. Now I always tell people slow and steady, use one color at a time and then go back in if you need to enhance it more. 
We love a less is more approach to makeup, but we understand that not everyone is like that. Regardless of how much makeup you decide to wear, starting subtly, then building up to a more intense look will improve the way your makeup looks. 
September 26, 2019 by Jacqueline Parker

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