3 Ways To Achieve a Summer Beach Wave

Whether you have pin straight, or wavy hair - it is possible to achieve a beautiful beachy wave even if you don't have access to the ocean. Below we dive into my favorite 3 ways to style my hair to look like I've just stepped off the beach. 


1. Straight out of the shower (for those with natural texture and wave).

If you have naturally wavy or textured hair, you can achieve beach waves straight out of the shower. If you want to embrace your wave or curl, it is important to hydrate as much as possible. I use the "Hydrator" Shampoo and Conditioner from Unwrapped Life and a weekly "Love" Intense Hydration Mask from Davines. If you have thick hair, you can leave a tiny bit of conditioner in your hair and scrunch it up for extra hydration.

Once I am out of the shower, I try to keep my hair as wet as possible and grab my Coast Beauty "Beach Waves Salt Spray" and saturate my hair (upside down). I use a scrunching motion with my hands to activate the wave. 

From here, I typically let my hair dry naturally, or you can diffuse your hair with your blow-dryer and diffuser piece.

There are some days that I simply jump in the ocean and leave my hair salty, however, I find the salt can be stinky and a little bit dirty from the ocean so I prefer using a salt spray that smells like coconut, lavender, and vanilla.

2. Using a hot tool (for those with straight hair).

If you have straight hair and want some volume and bounce, this method is for you. It is important not to weigh down your hair with heavy products. I recommend the Stimulator Shampoo and Conditioner for thin hair or the Balancer Shampoo and Conditioner for those with dandruff or need hair growth stimulation. Once your hair is clean and conditioned, blow-dry your hair to about 75% dry then add in a few spritzes of the Coast Beauty "Beach Waves Salt Spray". I typically encourage those with straight hair to finish off their blowdry with a diffuser attachment with their head upside down to help with volume and texture.

Once your hair is dry, plug in a 1-inch curling iron and take small sections of hair and simply wrap the hair around the iron. Don't roll it up like you normally would for a curl. This way you are simply creating a wave instead of a tight curl. You can lightly run your fingers through the waves to break them off and finish off with a few final spritzes of the "Beach Waves Salt Spray" for a natural hold. 

3. The overnight plop (for those with straight & textured hair).

This technique can be used for both straight and textured hair. Make sure to follow the cleaning, conditioning method for your hair type. Saturate your hair in The Coast "Beach Waves Salt Spray and leave wet.

For this method, you will need an oversides T-shirt. Place the T-shirt flat on your bed sideways. "plop" your hair down into the center of the T-Shirt so it is piled on top of your head. Start by rolling the bottom of the t-shirt up in a roll until it meets your head, then continue with the top of the -t-shirt down. Both the top and bottom ends of the t-shirt should meet and you can twist the ends together and tie onto the top of your head. Sleep overnight with the "plop" and release your hair in the morning. I always finish with a few final sprits of the "Beach Waves Salt Spray and a few scrunches to add texture. 

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August 22, 2019 by Jacqueline Parker

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