4 Things People Might Not Consider When Struggling with Acne

4 Things People Might Not Consider When Struggling with Acne

Acne is a very common and normal skin concern even though it can be incredibly frustrating and make a person feel so self-conscious, they don't want to leave the house.  There are countless creams, ointments, treatments, foundations and concealers to cover it but I've noticed a trend when it comes to acne. Through my thirteen plus years as a Makeup Artist and five-ish as a Holistic Nutritionist, I've noticed a few things that most clients don't consider when it comes to trying to get rid or heal acne. 


1. It's More Than a Surface Thing

Topical creams, treatment, and ointments are not the only answer. While ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, retinol creams may help to improve the look of the surface of the skin, They can be extremely drying and make the skin more sensitive to the sun (photosensitive). Remember to wear a hat, sunscreen or seek shade. But, as I mentioned this is only part of the puzzle, which I will mention in the next point. 

Using a product like Zyderma which contains micro silver, an antibacterial, antifungal, an antiviral ingredient is not drying, very gentle, can be used day and night,  and is very effective in healing surface blemishes and preventing more breakouts. Apply it to your skin before moisturizer.  Read more about Zyderma here 

 "I like to use Zyderma as a primer and under makeup to prevent breakouts. I also discovered it works just as well to decrease back acne" - Leah 


2. Love Your Liver! 

Supporting your inner health is equally as important as the products you're using topically on your skin.  To see long term improvements with acne by supporting your liver, colon and gut health is essential. Here's how you can start. Show that liver some love - Start each day with warm water and fresh lemon or tea with herbs like milk thistle, dandelion root, ginger or turmeric. By supporting your liver, you'll very likely notice more regular bowel movements and better digestion. You should be having at least one bowel movement per day.  A healthier gut means you're eliminating better and helping to reduce inflammation in the body.  You can drink tea's hot or cold. 


We love brands like Traditional Medicinals, Harmonic Arts and Silk Road Tea (We are not affiliated with these brands, we simply love them) 


3. Break The Cycle 

Who here has totally binges on carbs and sweets when they are feeling super bummed and like shit sucks?? Especially when your skin decides to flare up at the most inconvenient times, hands up??  I totally get it, but this is how the cycle starts, you feel crappy, you eat crappy and your skin gets crappy. When you're feeling down reach for a good quality dark chocolate, skip the processed carbs, make a yummy smoothie with banana and cocoa, skip the chips. Pick up a journal and write what's going on in your mind without even thinking, just write, get your feelings down on paper. We know it's hard but it's possible. Skip the sugar for healthier treats and journal your feelings. 

p.s-  since you're already starting to support your liver and also make smoothies, consider adding a whole food nutrient boost for energy and your body, we love Pranin A-Z and have been using it for the past couple of years. Here's the truth, there are no fillers, sweeteners, it's gluten-free, soy, free and vegan-friendly AND it's jam-packed with herbs, fruit and veg, it doesn't taste good on its own, truth! adding it to smoothies is the best way to get maximum nutrients into your temple of a body. 

We have a couple of videos here if you'd like to learn more about Pranin and taking a whole food supplement. 
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4. Give. It. Time. 

My last point, give it time my friend.   When I say time, I mean months, even months and months, it' might even be up to a year.  We have all been there when something doesn't work after two weeks, we are on to the next thing. I know I'm not alone here.

Be patient and plan.

Plan your meals, smoothies and snacks, keep your journal beside your bed with a pen. By planning ahead, thinking ahead, shopping ahead, you create more freedom. Freedom to know you have what you need. You're giving yourself the chance to heal and genuinely be prepared. For the non-planners here, this is especially for you. Give this gift to yourself to plan for a month to start, do it with a friend if you need to, see what happens. By owning your health and taking responsibility for your own health and wellness is incredibly empowering.  

 These points are a few pieces to the puzzle, that's important to keep in mind. It does take some trial and error. We learn from mistakes and celebrate the wins. We have has several clients come to us to learn how to apply makeup and feel more confident on the daily but we almost always end up talking about inner health when it comes to acne support as well as other skin concerns like eczema and psoriasis. 

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August 01, 2019 by Amanda Gangoso

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