3 Tips To Keep In Mind When Hiring A Makeup and/or Hair Artist For Your Wedding Day

I've put together 3 things to keep in mind when hiring a Makeup Artist. I hope these points help you find the right match for you. 

1. Once you've sent your inquiry, do they respond with a good time frame? This could be a sign of how committed they are to the job. If you're constantly wondering if or when they will get back to you, you may want to start shopping around for someone who is reliable and quick to respond. 

2. Do they set you up with what to expect during the booking process and what to expect on the wedding day or job? Offer a contract?  If they are one step ahead and very clear about what they can do for you, that's a great sign they have experience and are good at their job.

Being organized during the booking process and wedding is a huge plus because a Makeup Artist not only does the makeup and hair but manages the bridal party and guests, the makeup and hair team, the scheduling to ensure you're ready on time as well as the energy in the room. It's a big job to be hired for a wedding day, not al Makeup Artists are into doing weddings for this reason. It is a big job. 

 3. How do they make you feel during your consultation? Did they listen to your requests, offer helpful advice to help create a look that suits you? This will be a great indicator of how the vibe will be on the wedding day.  

 I felt inclined to share these tips because I noticed a lot of Brides last season 2018/2019 and even Makeup Artists putting out the SOS for a last-minute artist. These reasons seemed to be the Artist ghosted or perhaps a friend said they would do the services but couldn't anymore. 

I feel it's important to invest in a professional that takes their job seriously.   Rates do vary between Artists, the reason for that is mostly experience and demand.  Artists that make a living as an Artist also pay their own taxes, pay their own expenses, have their general bills to pay as a self-employed person and I can pretty much guarantee will not flake out on you because this is how they make their living. 

Sometimes life happens and cancelations happen, a good artist will have another artist lined up for you with similar skills and work ethic. This upholds the value of their business as well as ensures your wedding day goes smoothly. 

I hope these tips help guide you when deciding on an artist for your wedding or event, leave a comment if you have questions or have had a great experience you'd like to share with others. Happy Planning! 

Photo by Lauren Kurc
Makeup & Hair by Amanda Gangoso
February 21, 2020 by Amanda Gangoso

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