5 Thing to Consider When Buying a Beauty Product
When I go to the store to buy a beauty product, there are a few things I look for, maybe you do to? 
There is a huge shift happening in the consumer world and large corporation companies are trying to keep up and cash in. Going green, eco, sustainable, ethical, we want more of this which is amazing, but I think it's important to stay ahead of the marketing game and keep the power in your owns hands of what to spend your hard-earned money on. 
 There is nothing wrong with wanting to cash in as long as the intentions behind the brands are truthful and honest, consumers are also shifting to keep their routines to be much more simple and minimal. I hope these 5 tips help I'm about to share with you will help if you're feeling this shift as well. 

1. Do I really need this?

Or do I still have three eyeshadows at home I haven't touched?  Take the time to appreciate what you already have, consider why you might be tempted to "treat" yourself, are you stressed at work? Feeling a little low, there are studies that shopping experience releases dopamine - a good feeling hormone, this is why shopping can become an addiction for some people. If you know you have enough right now, work through what you have, then grab that new product. 

2. Will I actually use this product?

How many of you have come home with a product that seemed like a great idea at the time, but then sits in the cupboard for far too long or even goes untouched? (My hand is up!)  If you truly feel you will use this product, go for it but if you take a quick inventory of what purchases you've made in the past and if you've actually used them and the answer is no, consider sleeping on it. You just might find that you're ok without it. 

3. Is the face behind the brand someone I want to support?

Here at the GBC we love working closely with the brands we support. We want to know who is behind the brand, we want to know their community and eco-initiatives and proving it with actions rather than simply making claims. I find it's easier to find out this information with smaller local brands.  If you're not sure where to start, find a trusted resource ( Like us!)
This is exactly how our online store portion of the business started, our clients trusted us and wanted to know where to purchase the products we were using on them, you can also visit company websites and even email them with your inquiries. Good brands will want you to know who they are, for real.

4. Does this brand fit with my personal values?

Contain harmful chemicals? Tested on animals? vegan-friendly? sourced ethically? Low waste? 

You don't have to have a yes answer for all of these questions however, decide what is truly important to YOU and stick with what you believe in. 

5. Does this fit within my budget? Do I want to save for this?

The price point is a very important factor, we always suggest working within your personal budget. We have had clients inquire about an item or service they might not invest in right away but then come to us down the road to invest, we know they have thought about it and have decided what we have to offer is valuable.  It makes us VERY happy when someone has really taken the time to consider if our services are for them. 
I decided to write this blog because we work in an industry where products can easily pile up in the dark dusty drawers of our bathrooms. We would hate to see one of our items collecting dust and you not receiving the full benefits.  
If you found this blog helpful or have other suggestions of things to consider when buying a beauty product, please leave a comment. We love discussions and community support. 
September 19, 2019 by Amanda Gangoso

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