Perspective's of Beauty with Kristine Cofsky
Q. What’s most rewarding about working one on one with a woman for a Perspective Feminine photo session?
A. The trust that they put in me to tell their story.  Getting your photo taken can so often be such a vulnerable experience, and I am always amazed and deeply honored when someone walks through the door and says “I trust you”.
Q. What’s is it about the environment that you’ve created that makes women feel comfortable opening up to the camera?

A. I think I am able to create a comfortable environment because I am very aware of how it feels to be on the other side of the camera.  I know how disheartening and downright awful an uncomfortable environment can be. It already takes so much bravery to just show up and have a camera pointed at you, so I try to honor that by creating a warm, safe, and open environment for everyone that walks through my door.  It’s my number one priority.
Q. If there was one thing you would tell every single woman before they sit in front of a camera, what would it be?
A. Be so kind to yourself..  We are always our own worst enemy.
Q. What’s the message or the story you’re trying to tell through Perspective Feminine?
A. This project actually didn’t start with a specific end goal or message I was trying to convey… it was something that evolved for me as a creative outlet, a place for me to gather the little leftover moments that didn’t really have a home. As the collection grew, though, it started to take its own shape and tell its own story. The story just happened naturally and will continue to shift and change perspective as the collection grows I think.  xo
Perspective's of Beauty with Kristine Cofsky

Kristine Cofsky is a self-taught portrait photographer from Vancouver, British Columbia, with a tendency towards mischievous moment catching, and a deep love for the way the world looks through a lens.  



February 21, 2020 by Jacqueline Parker

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