Green Beauty Blush Guide: How To & Swatches

This is a quick guide to blush based on skin tones. Below, you can also find descriptions of all of our blush colors. 

A General Rule of Thumb for Blush:

Deep Skin Tones: Deep Wine or Vivid Red like Luv the Cheeks from Sappho

Dark Skin Tones: Terracotta, Brick, Deep Orange like Andrea's Blush from Sappho

Medium Skin Tones: Rose Pink's like Emma's Blush from Sappho

Light Skin Tines: Cool Pink like Tutz Blush from Sappho

Fair Skin Tones: Warm Peach like Titian from Elate


Blush Colours:

Elate Powder Blush:

FEVER:  Fever is a medium coral with pink undertones. Perfect for medium to deep skin tones. 

DESIRE: is a perfectly balanced light pink for creating a natural and soft blush.

INGENEUE: is a hot pink with a touch of wine for creating naturally blushed cheeks.

TITIAN: is a warm tangerine coral, perfectly bold on all skin types. 


Elate Universal Cremes:

KEEN : is a medium plum

BLISS: is a medium warm coral pink, perfect for creating rosy cheeks and lips.

LOVE: is bright neutral pink, your perfect match for creating naturally flushed cheeks and lips.

ELATION: is a deep and cool plum pink, for creating bold and beautiful cheeks and lips.


Sappho Powder Blush:

TUTZ: Pink blush with a slight blue undertone - perfect for light skin tones.

ANDREA'S:  A blush for warmer skin tones or as a bronzer for lighter skin tones. 

BRONZE GODDESS: A warm bronzer with subtle shimmer

EMMA'S: A medium warm peachy pink suited to light to medium skin tones. Our best seller.

LUV THE CHEEKS: a rich, deep wine that suits darker skin tones. 

NATALIE: An eye-catching peachy blush, to add light to the cheekbone and apple, works for the eye too. Named after Natalie Cosco, MUA

July 01, 2019 by Jacqueline Parker

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