Empowered Beauty with Rising Woman
Q: There are women all over the world tattooing your logo onto their bodies. What are some feelings that woman might feel when she looks down at that tattoo every day?
H: I’m not alone. Feelings of separateness keep us from feeling safe and connected in the world. It’s important for humanity to see that there are more similarities between us than differences, there are ties that can bring each person, regardless of background, together. We hope anyone who chooses to adorn themselves with our tattoo feels they are making a stand for consciousness, love and the support of the global community.
S: The symbol was created with our lovely dear friend Steph over at @Ink.Dust, and it’s a symbol of the moon (feminine) and the sun (masculine) merging to create the alchemy of divine union with spirit, or “whole and completeness”. This is not about gender, this is about energy and duality within each of us. The symbol represents “integration”, which is the underlying essence of Rising Woman’s teachings. When people look at that symbol on their body, I hope it will remind them that they are perfect and whole, just as they are. That their darkness is a gift just as much as their light, and that they don’t have to change themselves in order to be lovable.
Q: Do you have any advice for women who feel that their worth lies in their physical appearance?
H: While we don’t recommend that anyone rejects the body, we also want to gently remind people that their worth is not in their body. The body is merely a tool for connection, for learning, for experiencing being human. Whatever body we are born with we can learn from, but the body is not who you are. Who you are is eternal, enduring, and infinite. Embrace the body you have now, recognize that beauty is subjective and fluid, and the most attractive trait anyone can embody is self-acceptance and self-love.
S: One of my favorite philosophers in my 20’s was Ken Wilbur, and he had this simple mantra: “I am not my body”. Beauty standards in the media are always changing. One minute big lips are in, the next minute thin lips are in. None of that matters in the end. What matters is your heart. What matters is who you are, and the love you have in your life. What matters is how you show up and make a difference, and let people who love you get close. There is nothing more beautiful than a person who is confidently themselves, who doesn’t bow to external pressure. Your body is a beautiful creation of the divine, a temporary vehicle designed to carry you through this life. Life is not about how you look, but the experiences you allow in. So while taking care of your appearance and adornment are an important aspect of playing in the feminine, it’s important to do these things from a place of self-love, rather than energy of trying to change yourself. You’re perfect as you are.
How has being a teacher and guide through Rising Woman put you back into the seat of being a student? What does your community teach you?
H: Every aspect of life draws me into being a student, there is never a teacher separated from a student, all are the same. Our follows are mirrors of who we’ve been, and we who are now. We watch, listen, and learn from their experiences. At times, people can be reactive to our content, this is when we are challenged to hold a space of compassion and not take another’s reaction personally. Other times, people project that is it us who have “changed their life”, when really it was them who did the work! We are just an inspiration to remember that the real teacher is within. 
S: Any good mentor, teacher or guide will always direct their student to the teacher within. I am honored to be in a position to share wisdom and offer guidance, and while many may call me their “Teacher”, I am always humbled and inspired by the people who take our programs and choose this Work. It’s easy to believe we are separate or different until we surround ourselves by the community. What I’ve learned through my work with Rising Woman is that we are far more the same than we are different. What we fear makes us broken, is actually what allows us to grow. And the very aspects of ourselves we’re afraid to show others, are what give the people around us to drop into their own vulnerability.
Q: What are your individual go to beauty rituals?
H: The basics are eating well, hydrating, exercise and sleeping - as long as the foundation is in place then the rest is additional! I love using my infrared sauna in combination with red light therapy to help with detoxification and skin health. I regularly exfoliate (Viva Health Amaze Gel), and use hyaluronic acid, buffet serum, and sunscreen. I keep my makeup bag as ‘clean’ as possible and typically enjoy a quick and easy daily routine. A touch of foundation, bronzer, cream blush, and mascara for a sun-kissed glowing look.
S: For me, self-care has always been a high priority. Drinking ozonated water daily, celery juice, getting a lot of fresh air, and allowing my body to rest when it calls all help me feel good in my skin. For beauty products, I use a combination of oil cleaners, Viva Amaze-Gel for exfoliation, and almond oil on my whole body as a moisturizer. I like to put oil on my skin before a shower to lock in the moisture because my skin is dry and sensitive. I wash my hair just twice a week to keep the oils in :) I feel better and more natural without much makeup, so I usually just put on some brown mascara and brow makeup when I’m getting ready for the day.
May 28, 2019 by Amanda Gangoso

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