Green Beauty Eyeshadow Guide: How to choose colours

This is a quick guide to eyeshadow based on eye colors. Below, you can also find descriptions of all of our eyeshadow colors. 

A General Rule of Thumb for Eyeshadow:

When you are deciding on some eyeshadow colors, we like to reference the color wheel to make your job a lot easier. Find your eye color (or close to) on the color wheel, then look opposite to see the color that. Whatever color is opposite your eye color is the family of tones that will make your eyes stand out the most. 

Blue Eyes: 

Good colors for you: Orange, Rust, Brown, Gold, Copper, Peach & Coral 

Colors from our selection:

Elate: Lumen. Lithe, Quintessence, Cinder, Intrepid, Ethereal, Lofty, Surge, Beloved, Gifted, Kindle, Oracle, Rise. 

Sappho: Beckitt, Deep Diane, Jessica, Jono, Laura, Merrady, Tanya, Victoria


Brown Eyes: 

Good colors for you: Teal, Purple, Navy, Yellow, Silver & Brown

Colors from our selection: 

Elate: Aerial, Soar, Quintessence, Oracle, Earthen, Rave, Beloved, Stillness. 

Sappho: Amanda, Chloe, Gitte, Jono, Lux, Merrady


Green Eyes:

Good colors for you: Pink, Rose Gold, Wine, Burgundy, Taupe & Smokey Grey

Colors from our selection: 

Elate: Sweet, Lumen, Stone, Modish, Ascend, Earthen & Lithe

Sappho: Chloe, Gitte, Laura, Rebekah, Patricia


Hazel Eyes:

Good colors for you: Green, Gold, Purple, Yellow, Fuscia & Pink

Colors from our selection: 

Elate: Ascend, Sweet, Intrepid, Ethereal, Quintessence, Soar & Modish. 

Sappho: Gitte, Rebekah, Raven, Turtle


February 21, 2020 by Jacqueline Parker

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