How do I dispose of my beauty product containers?

We hear all the time that the average woman use 8-10 beauty products a day and if they are conventional products, thats a whole lot of chemicals entering the blood stream!

What we also must think of when we count those 8-10 products a day is "Where do all of these containers go once the product runs out?" The unfortunate truth is that most beauty products are housed in plastic containers (which are then packaged in plastic containers and wrapped in plastic. Its mind boggling!). 

We do our very best to consider waste when we decide to stock a product at The Green Beauty Collective.

Here is our guide to "What to do with the waste".


Shipped product

We save all of our paper, packing peanuts and stuffing from our supplier shipments. To reduce paper waste, we use this stuffing and packing material to pack your order. It is a good feeling opening a package that has much less impact on the environment. 

Product wrapping

Many of our products do not have extra boxes, plastic wrap or housing (this is intentional). The conventional beauty industry has SO MUCH WASTE. We choose to carry products that have minimal packaging and boxes. 

Elate pressed powders: All elate pressed shadows, blushes, powders (and soon universal cremes) come in seed paper packaging, so you can plant the package and watch it bloom. 

Sappho pressed powders/boxes: These paper boxes and containers can be recycled

Cyberderm boxes: These boxes can be recycled

Viva boxes: These boxes can be recycled 


Disposing of containers

Elate clear lipgloss containers & inner containers of mascara and liquid liners can be recycled (but must be cleaned out) and the outer bamboo core can be put into the compost (same with lipsticks if you can separate the bamboo from the connector). Sappho mascara tubes and primer containers can also be recycled after being cleaned out. 


Green Beauty Collective Recycle program

If you bring back 5 clean, empty glass containers you get 40% off your choice of:

2oz Nootka Rose Toner

2oz Rose Geranium Toner

2oz Fireweed Toner

Viva Milk Cleanser

Viva Gel Cleanser

Viva Bio Foaming cleanser  

Returns exclude: Elate Universal Cremes, Elate Lipgloss, Lipstick, Mascara, Liner, Powder Tins. 


Reusing your containers

We love hearing that our clients up cycle and reuse their containers. Here are some of our favourite ways to re use containers:

Empty Lipsticks: Fill it with pills or vitamins

Empty Honey Mask or Wild Rose Cream: Perfect for salad dressing

Empty Loose Powder: Go fill it up at The Soap Dispensary!

Empty Foundation Bottle: Fill it with shampoo, conditioner, body lotion or soap to travel with

Empty Toner: Fill with water & essential oil to create a room spray 

Empty concealer container: Fill with coconut oil for a travel size

October 13, 2017 by Jacqueline Parker

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