Jacqueline's 3 favorite makeup brushes

I've said this before, and I'll say it again: Brushes are absolutely necessary for proper makeup application. If you want your makeup to look blended & natural you need good brushes. If you want your makeup application to be easier, you need good brushes! I'll be going over my 3 favorite makeup brushes, why I love them and what I use them for. 


1. A fluffy blending eyeshadow brush

This has to be my "go-to" all-time favorite style of brush. I think I might have 6 of these in my professional brush collection. This brush is a cone-shaped brush with a medium density. I wouldn't even consider applying eyeshadow without this brush. 

Why it's so good: A cone-shaped, fluffy blending brush makes blending eyeshadow a breeze, especially for those who are just starting out with eyeshadow techniques. 

How to use it: I personally use this brush in so many ways. To sweep a light eyeshadow right across the lid to blend with ease. In a windshield wiper motion into the crease to define the eye. I will also apply an eyeshadow then dust the brush clean on a towel and use the clean, product-free brush to blend out my eyeshadow.


2. An angled brush

An angled brush is a must-have for anyone's makeup collection. As long as you clean it, it can be used in a multitude of ways. 

Why it's so good: As mentioned above, angle brushes are multi-use and can be used for various products and techniques. 

How to use it: Here are some of the ways you can use an angled brush.

  1. Use your angled brush to fill in your brows 
  2. Use the angled brush for more detailed eyeshadow crease work 
  3. Apply liquid or pencil liner onto your angle brush for a sharp cat eye, or smokey defined liner, top or bottom. 
  4. Dip your angled brush into your favorite eyeshadow for a smokey and blended top or bottom liner. 
  5. An angled brush can also be used for a lip brush if you want to achieve a crisp and defined lip color application. 
  6. I also use an angled brush to add eye highlight under the brow bone and in the corner of the eye. 


3. A flat-top "kabuki" style brush

I decided to bring the flat top kabuki style brush into this because it is a unique brush that not many people know how to use properly. I love teaching people how to use this brush because it is extremely effective for specific makeup techniques. 

Why it's so good: The Flat top kabuki brush is amazing for both powder and liquid makeup. It makes blending a breeze and offers a very quick application for those wanting to wear face makeup. 

How to use it: As mentioned above, you can use the flat top kabuki style brush for powder and liquid or creme makeup. Here's what will happen for each formula. 

  1. Powder: When applying a pressed foundation powder with this brush you will achieve a much heavier coverage than if you were to apply a powder foundation with a soft round brush. You are able to really buff and work the powder foundation into the skin. You can also use this brush to apply loose powder to set your liquid foundation. 
  2. Liquid: If you are in a rush and want a super even and quick liquid foundation application, this is the brush for you. I simply pump the foundation straight onto the brush, dot the foundation all of my face, then use circular buffing motions to blend it all over and down my neck. 
  3. Bronzer/Blush: I love this brush for applying creme bronzer all over my skin and down my neck, or pinching the brush to become thinner to apply a powder bronzer/blush in a more concentrated area.

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February 21, 2020 by Jacqueline Parker

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