5 Ways To Optimize Your Customer Service Skills

This blog post is a little different, we know we have many Entrepreneurs here. We also know it is not convenient for people to come see us in person, but they still do! and appreciate it so much.  We feel that our customer service and experience we offer is why people do come visit us at our Vancouver studio. 

I thought I'd share 5 ways to optimize your customer service skills to really kick your business up a notch. It's taken me 20 years of working in hospitality, Freelancing and learning from experience. I hope this makes the process much faster and easier for you to implement today. 

1. Listen, for realz 

Really listening to what your customer or client wants is so freaking important. What someone says and what we hear can be entirely different. An easy way to make sure you are hearing what your customer or client is saying is to repeat back to them and summarize what you've heard. 
What I like to say after I've let them speak is say "let me make sure I'm hearing you and make sure I understand what you're looking for" simply repeat back what you think you heard, they will let you know if you've missed anything. 
This sets a great tone from the beginning and avoids miscommunication from the beginning and helps to build confidence and trust. 

2.  Set up expectations from the beginning 

 What I mean by this is to let your customers or client know what they can expect from you right from the start. Will they hear from you weekly or monthly? How do your payment plans and policies work? How long does your process usually take?  Have your FAQ template ready, with your process and FAQ's all set up.  After you've had a chat, send the template for your client to reference later, this will save you time in the long run. Again by addressing everything from the beginning, you are building trust and your client will feel confident that you know what the heck you're doing. 

3. Show up, admit if you've made a mistake and move on

Mistakes happen however, My advice is to skip the excuses, you're client doesn't need to hear excuses, they want to know what the solution will be.  Admit when you've made a mistake, apologize, address how you'll fix it and move forward.  Put yourself in the client's shoes, how would you want the mistake dealt with?  I really appreciate when people do this for me, I want to do the same for my customers and clients. 

4. Be prepared 

Take a minute to take inventory of what you need for this particular job. Do you have everything you need to complete the process within the time frame you've promised? Again, your client doesn't need to hear why you weren't prepared for something, skip the excuses. Make the time to plan ahead, prepare and knock the socks off that job. By being prepared and even going the extra mile, this is how you get referrals. 

5. Have some fun! Be yourself

There is only one you. A person will choose to work with you because of who you are as a human. Yes, experience, being prepared and being professional is very important too, however, if you happen to have a bad attitude, or are trying to be like someone else, people will pick up on that.

If you know you need some support in finding yourself, breaking through being shy,  or you need to work on how you interact with customers and clients, find a mentor to help you out. 

I truly hope these points help you out in your business and even in life. Always feel free to comment, we love conversation. If you have anything else to add, please do.  



October 04, 2019 by Amanda Gangoso

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