Raw Fashion with Tiara: Sustainability & Thrifting
Tiara Jackle has a Bachelor of Science in Renewable Resource Management and writes a lifestyle blog, Raw Fashion. She strives to live a sustainable lifestyle and hopes to inspire others to do so as well. Her posts are always written from a non-biased viewpoint and she is sure to always include the most recent scientific facts in her work. She loves incorporating vintage and secondhand pieces into her wardrobe.

1. Can you tell us why it is important to consider moving to slow and sustainable fashion?

Fast fashion is detrimental to the environment. Clothing is meant to last and be continually worn over decades, not just for a season. It is more important to have clean drinking water than to have a new top every month.

2. Are there still stigmas around shopping thrift or purchasing used clothing?

The stigmas are still strong and they still exist and are perpetuated by misinformation. After secondhand clothing is properly laundered, it is still clothing that you can create an amazing outfit with. Together we can end the stigmas that surround secondhand clothing and work towards consuming more sustainably.

3. What is your best tip for someone who is beginning to shop for used clothing.

Give yourself a lot of time, try not to rush the process. It is like hunting for treasure, make it a fun experience for yourself. You may not find something immediately or every time you look for secondhand clothing, however we also do not need to consume something just because we are shopping.

4. With sustainability in mind, why is it important to let go of the idea of fashion trends?

Fashion trends have no longevity. Dressing ‘trendy’  requires you to constantly spend money on clothing items that many only last 6 washes or get worn for a season. These throw-away trends negatively impact the environment in many ways. Personal style can last a lifetime. You can invest in sustainable & ethical clothing that is beautiful and it may outlive you if you care for it properly.

5. What is one beauty ritual you cannot live without?

I cannot live without my full facial care routine, which I go through each morning and night. All the products I use are sustainably created and packaged. I have to work hard to take care of my difficult skin, however this routine has turned into a relaxing self-care ritual and it always helps me to feel better about myself.


February 21, 2020 by Jacqueline Parker

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