Shaving may be negatively impacting our environment. Here is how you can make a difference


We like to surround ourselves with things, people and places that represent and reflect what we believe in and especially appreciate products that share our values, our aesthetics and our standards.

Take a moment, look around your bathroom.

What products make you smile?

What products do you use everyday?

Which products don’t quite align with who you are, but you still use everyday?

When thinking about this, we realized that our pink plastic razor was one of those products. Something that we use everyday, but really doesn’t fit in with the aesthetic or values of our everyday lives. Which is why we decided to create another option for shaving – something more attractive, sustainable and yet still functional.

Creating a more vibrant shaving routine

Ever notice some days you get that perfect shave? It lasts for a week and you have that extra boost of confidence with your silky smooth legs as you walk out the door?

There are a few secrets behind getting that perfect shave every time and we like to stick to the below:

///  Soak your skin in warm water to soften the hair, but don’t let your legs soak for too long

///  Establish an exfoliation routine to get a closer shave

///  Lather with an oil based cream to get a smoother and moisturizer at the same time

///  Make small strokes and go over each area two times

///  Rinse your blades and replace every 5-10 shaves

Creating a more sustainable shaving routine

The concept behind well kept was to create a more aesthetic and environmentally friendly solution for shaving. The most sustainable solution to shaving would be to just not shave as the EPA estimates that 2 billion razors are tossed away each year. But, we all know the feeling of having nicely shaved legs and weren’t quite ready to let go of the concept all together. So while we continue to shave, we can try to make the routine a bit more conscious.

Choose a consciously made product - The well kept original razor handle is made of maple, reducing the impact on the environment with a compostable handle and no plastic inputs. We are all trying to do better in our sustainability journey and with every purchase of the original razor, we plant a tree on your behalf.

Purchase a reusable razor There are many different options out there for reusable razors, try these out rather than using disposable, plastic razors. The well kept razor is compatible with Venus and Gillette replaceable blade cartridges, so you can continue to reuse your handle.

Use less water – warm your legs with a 2 minute soak, either in the tub or at the beginning of the shower, and then turn the shower off while you are actually shaving to reduce the amount of water wasted.

Switch up your shaving cream – Using an oil over a shaving cream will not only feel better on your legs, but it has less harmful ingredients and has a lower impact on the environment with the ingredients and packaging.

We’re all in this together, so hopefully these tips can not only help you get the best shave, but also help reduce the impact of your shaving routine.


August 29, 2017 by Jacqueline Parker

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