You’ve Been Asking About Natural Deodorant, Here’s My Answer

You’ve Been Asking About Natural Deodorant, Here’s My Answer

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me "What's the best natural deodorant? "... well, I'd have fancy coffee every single day. 

I wish my answer was simple but it's not for a few reasons. After I share my reasons, I will share a handful of deodorants that we have tested here at GBC, you can decide what you might want to check out. 

You Are Unique! 

Everyone is different - our body chemistry is different, preference of application is different, even our preference for scent is different. So what works for me, might not work for you.  Ask yourself if you prefer stick application or fingers, what smell if any do you like? Floral? Citrus? Do you sweat a lot? or not much at all?  This will help narrow down your options. Write down your wants, if those boxes don't get checked off while shopping around, move on to the next option. 

Your Pits Are Unique! 

Everyone's underarms are different too! What I mean by this is a lot of aluminum-free deodorants contains baking soda. Many people react to this but not everyone, including myself. You have to try it out to know for sure. Some folks react to essential oils too. Keep in mind because it's labeled as natural, doesn't mean you may not react. You'll have to test it out. We do provide samples of deodorants carried in our store. 

Deodorant or Antiperspirant? Are they the same? 

Deodorant and antiperspirant are two different things. You won't find the word antiperspirant in the green beauty world (or you shouldn't). The reason for this is aluminum is the ingredient in conventional products that blocks sweat ducts to prevent sweating.  If you're a big sweater ( I am too!) there will be an adjustment period when switching to deodorant, it takes time to get used to it.   
My advice for the super sweaty folks is saving that conventional antiperspirant for those heavy sweat occasions like public speaking, weddings, important meetings.  Use the deodorant on the down days. It's healthy to sweat! 
Deodorant is designed to manage bacterial growth that causes odor and the essential oils also help with scent. Keep in mind, sweating is a natural thing! It's good for our bodies to sweat. 
 Deo Tip! If you shave your underarms, do it in the evening. Apply your deodorant in the morning. This gives your skin time to heal post-shave. Make sure your blade is sharp, dull blades might mean razor burn and irritation. 
Need new blades? Check out our super-sharp Well Kept Blades for Safety razors here. 
I know, I, know, this was supposed to be easy. it is in the sense of having a better understanding of your own body and what you want to get out of your natural deodorant and also, don't feel bad about pulling out the antiperspirant when you really need it. Peace of mind is a great thing!  
We decided to carry Nala and Salt & Stone in our store for efficacy, price point, and ingredients. We feel by having a selection of four formulas and scents as well as having a baking soda free option (Charcoal Peppermint from Nala) We are covering our bases. These deodorants are for everyone. 
Visit the store here to read more about each deodorant. 
by Amanda Gangoso