pro's and con's of DIY bridal makeup

So you are thinking about doing your own makeup for your wedding day? If so, this blog is for you. 

We come across brides all the time who are on the fence about hiring a makeup artist for their wedding day, or doing their makeup themselves. First of all, we want to provide you with a quick PRO's and CON's list of each option. 

PRO's of DIY makeup:

  • Saving money
  • Less vendors & moving parts to your wedding planning
  • You can create a style you are comfortable with

CON's of DIY makeup:

  • Your collection of makeup may be small and you may have to invest in new products.
  • You may not know how to apply makeup for "on camera" or have long wearing products. 
  • You may be nervous or shaking the morning of your wedding.
  • You may worry you could screw up your makeup look and not know how to fix it. 
  • Adding an extra task on a busy day will not allow for you to relax and enjoy your morning. 

We suggest hiring a makeup artist if:

  • You want to try a more complex look than you are used to
  • You want to soak up all of the morning of your wedding day and relax
  • You are unsure what look you want to create
  • Your not sure how to use makeup brushes
  • You are hiring a professional photographer and have a specific look you want to achieve from the photos. 
  • You have a small collection of makeup

If you feel you want to do your wedding makeup on your own, here are our 5 tips for creating a DIY bridal look

If you would like to learn tips on how to create a DIY Natural Bronze Goddess look for your wedding WATCH OUR VIDEO

1. Skin care is crucial! We always suggest getting a facial a few weeks before your wedding, however if you want to help prep your skin at home then months or weeks leading up to the wedding we highly recommend exfoliation with the Viva Amaze Gel or Wyld Konjac Sponge

Our favourite Facials in Vancouver are with Kristin and Leah at Facial Expressions. If you book your facial and mention The Green Beauty Collective you will receive a complimentary Hyaluronic Infusion 


2. Test out your look. We highly recommend searching a look via Pinterest and practicing it a couple times with different products you have in your makeup kit to ensure you like it. 

If you are unsure of what look you would like to create, book in for a 1 hour makeup lesson, or virtual makeup lesson at The Green Beauty Collective and we can help you design your makeup look. Your lesson includes $100 worth or product, so you can walk away with products to use to prep your skin, or on the day of your wedding. 


3. Scrub your lips: Mix some coconut oil and coarse sugar in a small container and scrub your lips every night for a week before the wedding to make sure your lips are smooth. 

Make sure to add lip balm to your daily routine. We personally love the Wild Hill Botanicals Almond & Vanilla BalmThese also makes for a great bridesmaid gift. 


4. Use long wearing products: We always recommend a waterproof mascara for any bride on her wedding day. If you want long wearing natural products we recommend the Gabriel Mascara, Zuzu Luxe Liquid Liner and Spela Lip Stains


5. Most importantly make sure to drink water, eat good food & relax! There is not better beauty tip than eating nutritious food, drink more water than you think and get enough relaxation in. DIY wedding, or big budget wedding, its a lot of work. Take some time for yourself. Some of our favourite ways to relax are getting out in nature, making sure your space SMELLS relaxing and sitting in a salt bath


P.S.. these are our favourite wedding vendors 

Photographers: Sarah England & Folk Fotos 

Wedding Planning Services: Chiantelle Nicole

Photo Booths: Dang Good Booths

Facials: Facial Expressions

Dresses: Truvelle & Frocks


Cover photo by: Sarah England Photography

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