Travelling Green: Beauty & Travel must have's for warm weather travel

Are you travelling somewhere warm over the dreary winter months? I am headed to Indonesia on Monday and I figured this would make for a great opportunity to show you how I prepare for a warm weather vacation while staying as clean and green as possible. 

The majority of products mentioned in this post are beauty products



1. Hydration Mask 

Have you ever noticed how thirsty you are after a flight? Or, how dry your skin is? The air on an aircraft can be extremely drying and I learned a great tip from YouTuber and beauty guru Michelle Phan back in the day (when I was sitting next to her on the way to NYC). 

I always slap on a hydration mask for atlas 30 minutes at the end of a flight to help replenish my skin. The Viva Hyaluronic Mask is packed with moisture to instantly plump and hydrate the skin. 

2. Hydrosol 

Spritzing the skin with floral water is also a super quick way to keep your skin hydrated on the plane. I will do this every hour (If I am not asleep) to keep my skin hydrated. Just think of it like drinking water. Same same!

I will be taking the Wild Hill Botanicals Nootka Rose Toner on my trip because it comes in a 2oz size, perfect for the plane. This will also come in handy on extremely hot days in the jungle & long sun exposure. 


Moon Time:

1. Diva Cup

If you are travelling to Asia, like me, you may not be able to access tampons. I highly recommend getting your hands on a Diva Cup, and use it for 1-2 months before you travel (It can take some getting used to). This will help reduce waste and save you in those "crap...I forgot to bring tampons" situations. If you are in Vancouver, I got mine at Whole Foods Market. 

2. Organic Tampons

Even though I recommend bringing a Dive Cup, you may also encounter situations where there is a. no toilet paper or b. no clean place to empty your diva cup. In this case, you will absolutely want to have a tampon on hand. I always make sure I am stocked up on bleach free, organic cotton tampons like Natra Care. If you are in Vancouver, I got mine at Whole Foods Market. 


Shower & Personal Care:

1. Soap

I really like washing with soap bars, but they can be annoying to travel with. I picked up a re usable soap case so I can continue using my soap bar (easy). If you are in Vancouver, I got mine at Welks General Store on Main and my moisturizing Soap from Woodlot.

2. Shampoo & Conditioner 

This is when saving your containers comes in handy! I have a stash of old plastic containers that I wash out, so all I had to do was transfer my shampoo and conditioner into these smaller bottles. I am going to try to wash my hair as little as possible and when you are on vacation this is the perfect time to try the no poo method. I also recommend grabbing a bottle of apple cider vinegar once you get to your destination so use as a wash. I am currently using the United and Free Shampoo and Conditioner. 

3. Deodorant

When travelling somewhere hot, you are bound to be sweating up a storm. I recommend avoiding any type of antiperspirant - you want to sweat so your body can detox. I decided to pick up one of my favourite brands of Deodorant "Schmidts". I chose the Charcoal & Magnesium as my body may be going into extra shock from a change in environment and food. I will most likely need extra door protection. If you are in Vancouver, I got mine at Welks General Store on Main. 

4. Teeth

I have 4 tooth products I will be bringing on my trip. The first is a tooth brush. I recently learned that 1 billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away every single year, which creates 50 million pounds of waste (wtf people!). I grabbed a bamboo toothbrush from senzacare. I got this toothbrush in Vancouver at Welks General Store.

My favourite natural toothpaste is Dr.Bronners. I have been using natural toothpaste for 5+ years and have not have a cavity since. I got mine at Welks General Store on Main. 

I have also been using a tongue scraper from Radius. Tongue scrapers help remove bacteria buildup on the tongue. This will freshen your breath and help with gut an digestion issues. I am excited to learn more about Ayurveda (where this practice originates from) when I am in Indonesia

Floss will also be kicking around in my bag! 


Sun care:

1. Sunscreen

Nothing has been stressed more (from friends and family) about the importance of bringing enough sunscreen to Asia with me, for a few reasons. a. Sunscreen is more expensive b. Sunscreen contains toxic chemicals and bleach and c. the sun is much stronger, and you will get burnt. 

I will be bringing all of the sunscreen I have at home! I have the Cyberderm Every Morning Sun Whip, and Simply Zinc sunscreen for my face. I also picked up the Green Beaver SPF 40 sunscreen from Whole Foods Market. Both of these products are mineral sunscreen and require re application. 

2. Aftersun 

Its not always as easy to avoid getting burnt. I will be making sure to wear hats, and cover ups during the day, but I am bound to get burnt. I have a bottle of Natures Aid Aloe Skin Gel. I am hoping to get my hands on some Aloe plants if I run out! 



Skincare & Makeup:

1. Makeup

Vacation to a hot climate is the perfect opportunity to wear less makeup to give your skin a break. I will be bringing 5 of my favourite products with me:

1. Pure Anada Mascara. This mascara is perfect for the water, because I can remove it so easily in the water if I have to. No racoon eyes.

2. Elate Brow Balm. Brow products are my must have product, so I will have my brow balm on hand at all times (hopefully I don't forget my angle brush).

3.Wonder Highlighter. Glow is a must have. I go everywhere with my highlighting stick for fresh, glowing skin. 

4. RMS lip shine "Royal".  I decided it would be best to bring a "potted" lip product, as there is a possibility it will melt. I like the RMS lip pots because they seal quite securely. You can pick up RMS products at Lynn Steve Boutique in Vancouver

5. Pure Anada Lip Balm. To keep my lips moisturized. I am not too sure what kind of lip balm I will find in Asia. This will come with me just in case. 


2. Skin Care

Skin Care is super important to me, so I am ensuring to bring my favourite products. 

1. Wyld Konjac Sponge Brining a konjac sponge eliminates the need to bring a liquid cleanser and exfoliator, because this is a 2 in 1 product. It also shrinks down quite small and saves a lot of room in your cosmetic bag.

2. Wild Hill Botanicals Nootka Rose Toner: I will be bringing this toner with me for the airplane (see above) and for everyday use to rehydrate my skin. 

3. Wild Hill Botanicals Mini Black Berry Serum: This 10ml serum is the perfect size for my month long trip. This serum will be extremely protective from external environmental damages and sun exposure. 

4. Bella Aura Moisturizer: This sleek 30ml moisturizer is rich and hydrating. I will be using this product at night. 


Well, thats is folks! I am trying my best to pack light, while still remaining comfortable and keeping my body healthy and using the products I use here at home. 

Enjoy your trip, wherever you go!

November 09, 2017 by Jacqueline Parker

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