What will Vitamin C do for my skin's health?

When taken orally, vitamins are terrific for our inner bodies function as well as the health of our skin. Because what we apply to our skin is absorbed, a topical application of a vitamin can also benefit our body externally. 

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It helps repair tissue, combats free radicals, helps to fight the common cold and can even assist to prevent forms of cancer. 

For the skin, Vitamin C can work wonders. Our skin is naturally depleted of Vitamin C over time. Combined with other external factors such as exposure to UV light, pollutants and cigarette smoke, the decline of vitamin C will contribute to signs of aging.

Who would want to use Vitamin C in their skincare?

Vitamin C is for those who feel their skin looks dull, has lost its bright glow and has signs of sun damage such as darkness and dark spots. These symptoms are very real for many of us, especially after years of unprotected sun exposure. 

Our Bio C Serum from Viva skin care contains L-Ascorbyl Palmitate, a form of Vitamin C high in antioxidants. The purpose of this product is to brighten a dull completion and lighten dark spots from sun damage. The Vitamin C is blended with rosehip oil, sweet almond oil, evening primrose oil, and vitamin e for a surge of repairing power. 

Are there any tips for using a Vitamin C in skincare? 

Yes, we recommend using Vitamin C products at night. Although it is not a major concern, Vitamin C has potential to be photo sensitive (sensitive to light). For this reason we recommend it for your night time regime. 

It is also important to be consistent. You can purchase all of the skin care products in the world, but if you are not consistently applying your products, you will likely not see any results. Using Vitamin C every single evening will result in brighter, more youthful skin. 


Curious about our Bio C Serum? 

Read more here or book a consultation to try it for yourself!

September 25, 2017 by Jacqueline Parker

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