Hi! We are Amanda and Jacqueline; the owners and heart behind The Green Beauty Collective.

We first met 4 years ago while working a natural beauty event at Finlandia Pharmacy in Vancouver, BC. At the time we had both recently switched our personal and professional kits to natural, cruelty-free and vegan products. For both of us, we had finally found our match in the industry - another makeup artist we could relate to. 

Fast forward to 2019 and we are now not only incredible friends and adventure buddies, but we also get to share our love for natural beauty and education. Building this brand has taught us a lot about using each of our strengths and understanding our weaknesses to learn and constantly move forward. 


Here is a little bit about each of us:

Amanda is the Capricorn of the duo. With old-soul wisdom, focus, and determination, Jacqueline loves to step in and help Amanda let loose from time to time. You can find Amanda on Vancouver Island, living the chill life with her hubby and sweet pup Pepe, walking in the woods, surfing, cooking delicious and healthy meals, snacking and going to Zumba classes. 

Jacqueline is the Taurus/Gemini of the duo. Packed with youthful energy an open mind and hardworking attitude, Jacqueline can also spread herself too thin with unplanned ambition. Amanda tends to be the one to help Jacqueline back on track. A lover of dogs, skiing, Taiwanese desserts, bass music, and road trips; Jacqueline is always ready for a good adventure, or party. 


Jacqueline and Amanda are passionate about supporting local businesses, operating using sustainable & eco-friendly business practices and encouraging the health of our clients, planet and all that is on it. 

The Green Beauty Collective is committed to making healthy beauty accessible for everyone and educating consumers about low impact beauty and moderate choices.  


Did you know we have a team of hair and makeup artists?


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