This service is for you if you find value in 1 on 1 time with a skin professional to customize a skincare routine that fits their lifestyle, budget, and values.

During the consultation, we will explore your current skincare regime, making changes where necessary and suggest natural alternatives to the products you would like to swap. 
You will leave your consultation feeling confident that the products chosen for you are right for your skin type. We do not believe in pushy sales, our goal is to create a comfortable, educational shopping experience.
This consultation costs $70. In the end, $20 will go towards the purchase of your skincare products.  
Please bring your current skincare products with you. 

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* Please be aware. 40 minutes allows for us to go through about 4-5 products. Please book 2, 40-minute consultations if you have more than 4-5 products you would like to see. The $70 fee is a per 40-minute appointment. $20 is redeemable in product. 


What to expect:

What to bring: A notepad & pen. Your cosmetic collection (products you currently use and would like to switch), brushes. (iPhone/camera to record the lesson for reference)
Where: Our studio, #109- 237 E 4th Avenue, This is a shared workspace, this is why we are by appointment only. 
What to expect from our products: Cruelty-free, sustainably made and sourced, primarily Canadian based, vegan-friendly, toxin-free, effective for sensitive skin.