Are you a retail store?  
We are not a traditional brick and mortar, an appointment is required to meet in person and check out the products found on our online shop.  We do have monthly special events, workshops, and pop-ups where no appointment is needed and doors are open to the public.
How do I pick up my online order if I live in Vancouver?  
You can book your appointment for online order pick up here. We do ship for free on orders over $99.
I want to switch over my product but need professional help, how do I book with a Professional?  
You can book your appointment with a professional here. We suggest starting with the ‘beautiful skin’ consultation.
Are all of your products vegan?  
Many products are vegan, any that are not vegan will be clearly labeled in the description on the website. The few non-vegan products we stock contain honey (we like to call bee-gan)
Are all of your products cruelty- free?  
Are all of your products natural?   
Yes - we source natural products however we do not use the term "toxin-free". We have a list of the types of ingredients we avoid "Absolute No's" and ingredients we believe should be used in moderation. You can find this list on the ingredients page.
I have sensitive skin, will your products work for me?  
Many of our clients come to us with sensitive skin. We do encourage you to make an appointment to try the products first or attend one of our monthly events.
Do you provide samples?  
We are able to provide samples for most of our products. We do encourage you to try products first. We have a sample program which you can find on our website with different quantity options.
Do you provide makeup and hair services for events and weddings?
Yes, we do, Jacqueline and Amanda are the Principle stylists and work with a growing team of green beauty artists. If you would like to have a green beauty artist for your event, get in touch with us.
Do you provide esthetics services?
No, we don’t but are happy to recommend a few places in Vancouver who provide organic, natural spa services.
I am a Health & Wellness establishment,  our staff needs some training and education about how to speak more confidently about product knowledge, do you provide that service?  
Yes, we do. Education is one of our specialties. We can plan training according to the needs of the retailer. Please contact us for your staff training session.
Do you offer talks and workshops as a part of your services?
Yes, we do!  We’ve have done talks about green beauty, healthy beauty and nutrition at several local establishments. Yoga studios, corporate events, health and wellness shops, retreats, we would love for you to get in touch.