Well, this has been very exciting for us, Jacqueline and I have taken into great consideration about how we could continue to offer the same information, experience, and quality to you since closing our retail store in January.  

Naturally, we have found ourselves coming together with Portia Ella, a Canadian business run by Julie Michaud, to bring you the best in Canadian, Green Beauty brands and stellar service. 

 The timing of this announcement is interesting, we acknowledge that. Our conversations about Portia Ella and GBC working together started before COVID-19, we even wondered if this was the right time to share this collaboration with you. We decided this timing is right, now more than ever. We see people coming together like never before, supporting each other and adapting. We will get through this together. 

Julie Michaud has built a business worth talking about. The Portia-Ella ethos is deeply rooted in women coming together to make a difference because we can do it alone, but we can do it better together - and this is exactly why we felt it was important to join forces. 

This is an affiliate style partnership, however, there is no additional cost to the customer. 

Portia Ella represents over 38 high-quality Canadian brands (run by female Canadian entrepreneurs), employs highly trained beauty professionals and makeup artists to assist clients with the best quality service possible. The Portia Ella staff training is extremely in-depth and produces qualified skin experts and holistic makeup artists. This means, when you shop with Portia-Ella you are supporting over 50+ women in business.

Not only does Portia Ella have two stunning brick and mortar stores in Kelowna and Winnipeg, but they also have a thriving online store and community for those who are not able to visit the store in person. 

Portia Ella is a member of the Terra Cycle Program and is a safe and inclusive space for everyone. A no brainer right?! GBC teaming up with Portia Ella seemed like a natural move for us.  Plus, you will find many crossover brands including Elate Cosmetics, Viva Skincare, Sappho New Paradigm and more. (Did we mention they ship for free for orders $59 and over!)

We have every confidence you'll be taken care of through this community with Portia Ella. Making the choice to become an affiliate was an easy one. Plus, we won't be going anywhere...keep reading to find out our other big news! 

We want to make sure your first Portia-Ella experience is exceptional, so please, enjoy 10% off your first purchase with Portia Ella via this link. 

 Did you know Portia-Ella ships for free when you spend $59 or more? Let us help you stay home. Shop online & support a small Canadian business.